Reiki I and Reiki II Trainings in Usui Reiki Ryoho

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I like to keep these workshops small and personally interactive - allowing time for conversations and questions as they arise


Comments from Past Trainings:

“Dear Jo Ann,

Thank you so much for sharing the gift of Reiki! It’s been an enlightening experience, and has inspired me to look at the world with new eyes. I’m starting to approach my life experiences and my patients in a different way, to let go more, and allow the deepest wisdom to be expressed for the highest good. 

I hope to learn much more from your wise and gentle teaching! 

Blessings to you”

— Elizabeth Williams

“The instruction and guidance were Amazing! Great Sensitivity and knowledge as well as experience. Non-judgmental, helpful, approachable, excellent teaching skills and style. I very much appriciate receiving the Reiki initiations. 

During this training I experienced a sense of peace and I am thankful for this training and experience as I feel it will be invaluable to me on the rest of my journey. Thank you Jo Ann! I look forward to Reiki II Training!”

— Lisa Szymanski

“Your instruction/guidance was Excellent, loving, nurturing, non-judgmntal. I feel more presence within my body, more at ease with silence and stillness, and improved care for myself. Thank you Jo Ann. I am most grateful for You and this Experience. ”

— Mara Glantz

“Your genuine purpose and intent for everyone in this class, AND World is inspiring and fills me with Gratitude. The initiations were Beautiful : ). I gained confirmation, direction and renewed purpose in this training experience. 

I just can’t state enough the amount of respect and sincere gratitude I have/feel that you are part of my life and journey.”

— Sarabeth Furtado

“Jo Ann is a light of knowledge and I am thankful to be a part of this Reiki healing group. I will carry this with me in my days, work, and future career as an acupuncturist. I appreciate the invitation to a new way to help heal myself and others. Gracias Querida Amiga <3”

— Sonia I. Moreno Garcia

“The instruction/guidance was Excellent: full of warmth and clarity. Affirming of all and each one of us; inspiring and encouraging and filled with loving compassion. Gentle guidance during practice with others. The Reiki initiations were beautiful and moving. 

I gained a wonderful understanding of where and how Reiki practice came to be; an understanding of how it works and what it is and how to practice on myself and others. 

What a blessing this training and this weekend was! I feel full of warmth and inspiration to practice! Thank you Jo Ann!”

— Dawn Schuette-McKinnon

My girlfriend and I did Reiki I with Jo Ann and it was an amazing experience that has opened us up to whole new way of being. The weekend was perfect, thank-you Jo Ann!
— Brady Hill
I had a wonderful experience learning Reiki from Jo Ann! She is so supporting, loving and understanding!
— Deborah Block