The following is my personal story of improved health and well-being using full-spectrum, hemp derived, CBD oil from HempWorx.

I am sharing my story so that you can also have hope and be motivated to improve your overall health and well-being - while using environmentally friendly and sustainable products with no known side effects. None. Zippo.

May You Be Well!

Underground Music Cafe

Today, I Jumped!

I just dropped my car off at my neighborhood auto care business for an oil change.  Conveniently, it’s located next to an eclectic morning coffee shop turned sweet local music café for the evening.  (If you’re ever in St. Paul, drop by “The Underground Music Café” near Hamline and Hoyt and check out their delicious locally baked goods and coffee, or enjoy some local music : ).

So why am I writing about an oil change?

Why is it worthy of a blog post? 


What’s different?

Here what’s different:   SEE THAT BLUE ARROW ON THE ROCK?

This morning, I JUMPED DOWN from that rock to take the short cut to the cafe (yes, I know it’s a whole 2-3 feet!). 


You might not think this is a big deal, BUT IT IS!

What you don’t know is that the last time I was here for an oil change  -not that long ago  - I had to carefully maneuver myself down the rocks to the parking lot because I was too unsure that my legs would hold me when I landed.  I didn’t even think about jumping.

For quite a few years now, I’ve been living a fragile balance with a little understood, fairly rare, autoimmune disease called “dermatomyositis”. Years ago, following a viral infection, my immune system went rogue and decided to defend my body against “attack” by attacking my muscles and skin tissues. It took several years to diagnose and it was when it hit a “tipping point” – where I could hardly lift or open my arms or walk up and down stairs – that a muscle biopsy confirmed what was suspected - rampant inflammation and muscle loss at the hands of some crazy mixed signals.  The diagnosis and name of the disease only identifies the visible effects of the disease – “derma” = skin,  “myo” = muscle, and “sitis” = inflammation.

It’s idiopathic – meaning “no known cause”.  I didn’t “do anything” to get it. 

And, the conventional treatment?  Heavy doses of prednisone (if you’ve ever had to take prednisone for a long time at heavy doses, you know this is a tough way to exist) and a selection of a wide variety of drugs meant for other conditions – mostly used “off label” e.g., chemo drugs, organ transplant drugs that don’t allow your body to reject healthy tissues, IVIG (Intravenous immunoglobulin transfusions of healthy blood plasma taken from thousands of donors), as well as others. You get the picture.  All have side effects that lead you down the road to taking more medications to combat the side effects of these medications and those have side effects… and it’s a slippery slide down the rabbit hole.  And, while you’re “getting better”, your body is paying the bill for your “improved health” with hardening of the arteries, constant threat of liver damage, kidney toxicity, and increasing risks of cancers.

reiki hands.jpg

Not wanting to continue on the previously regimen for years – I’ve danced a fragile dance with this disease by using alternative therapies and holistic living – you know, tailored diets, required REST (I’ve not very good at this but am getting better and have changed how I live to make this a priority), exercise, massage, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and most important for me - a daily practice of Reiki, and various meditative practices. 

And, I’ve been okay and often, pretty well, until this Winter.

I won’t go into the details of the slow progression back toward a crisis disease state but will say that when I hit that tipping point again, the disease flared and took me down fast – muscle atrophy, weakness, exhaustion, sleeplessness from pain and the heat of inflamed skin…  And, I was headed back to see a specialist to be treated with another cocktail mix of the drugs that may or may not work.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe there is a place for many of the medications and treatments available to us in the market and many have benefitted from them.  I just don’t want to be on this path and know there is a better way, a better choice, a better treatment. 

As a holistic practitioner, using medications to decrease symptoms doesn't align with my work at finding whole balance. So, taking these medications is both literally and figuratively "a hard pill to swallow" – coupled with the fact that I don’t physically tolerate these conventional medications well. 

This time, using my new medication combo, I ended up in the ER with a severe allergic reaction – even more frightening than the disease state that prompted the treatment.

The day following my emergency room visit, I went back to the pharmacy to pick up the “replacement” medication and sat with tears stinging my eyes as I read the long list of possible side effects – some of the same ones I had just dealt with at the ER.

I knew I couldn’t go there again. I couldn’t put that into my body. It felt like a death wish.  

I went home and messaged a woman to whom I’d referred my own clients to in the past.

She recommended HempWorx pure, organic full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. 

That was 10 days ago…just 10 days ago.

And today, I jumped down those rocks. Today, my skin across my torso is calm and clear. Today, I have more energy than I’ve had in months. Today, my brain is back in focus. Today I can move my body without pain.

I still have a way to go. My arms are still weak (though I can stretch them all the way out to my sides without pain). And, my hands will probably take some time to clear, but they are already nimble and pain free.

In fact, this has been so incredible for me that I’ve decided to commit to sharing my experience using HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD Oil with everyone and anyone who will listen – anyone who has their reason(s) for wanting to move toward feeling better and enhancing their overall health and well-being.


It's been many years since I dedicated myself to a journey of practicing holistic coaching and wellness through loving compassion. and I will continue my work with clients using Holistic Coaching and Reiki.  Now, it seems perfectly natural to also educate my clients and potential clients on the life-enhancing benefits of natural, organic Hemp.  It’s more than adding products to my business – it’s part of my larger mission and a passion to share natural, organic, holistic methods and products to improve our health and well-being.

My message? You can improve your overall health and well-being - while using environmentally friendly and sustainable products with no known side effects. None. Zippo.

It’s simple. It’s natural. It’s hemp derived CBD Oil  from HempWorx and their entire line of organic hemp products. 

Yes, I’m passionate about HempWorx. In just 10 days, it changed the course of my life.  You can too : ).


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