Why "Prism"? 

I've always loved prisms, and several years ago, I was given this beautiful crystal prism vase as a gift for helping a team find the clarity needed to move through a period of deep transition and shine.

We all experience times in our lives when our light is dulled, dimmed, obscured, or perhaps, almost snuffed out.

We just. feel. stuck. 

It doesn't need to continue this way.  

IMG_1548 (1).jpg

Sometimes we need help and support - someone to act as a prism for us - opening us to our inner white light and allowing our true colors to radiate throughout our entire being and into the greater world. This is my passion and my intention for YOU. In our work together, you'll begin to see your True Radiant Light and Allow Yourself to Shine.

To support clients in a variety of challenges and transitions, I offer six and twelve month Holistic Coaching packages for individuals, small business owners, and their teams, as well as a 3-Part Series of Holistic Coaching with Reiki.  

Interested in learning about pure, organic hemp oil (CBD). Learn how it may be used to support general health and well-being as well as provide support for healing and pain management. Visit my page on HempWorx on this site or click the "Learn More" button below. I'd love to start a conversation with you about its use and benefits.